Adventuring Continued

Posted May 14th, 2009 by aleximoon

Jim and I have arrived in Nouth Carolina.  We’re staying in a huge house right on the beach in Kill Devil Hills (best name ever).  There are three flours, a boardwalk out to the beach, and more rooms than I can keep track of. 

We tried to experience some roadfood this evening but had a difficult time finding the restaurant.  We ended up eating at Dirty Dicks.  We went there mainly so that we could say that I got crabs from Dirty Dicks.

We had better luck with roadfood yesterday when we ate at the Hob Nob is Sarasota and then the Summerton Diner in Summerton, SC.  Yay tasty food!

Oh, there are also about a dozen kids staying in this house too.  They are relations of the bride on her mom’s side.  The little ones are pretty much adorable.  I want to keep one.


Kristen and Jim

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