Pondering the disease known as Socialism

Posted September 5th, 2009 by aleximoon

I love Florida, seriously, I don’t think there is anywhere else that I would rather be.  But oh, how I wish this was a blue state.  Okay, we did go blue for the presidential election but that was a hard won battle that my mother and her young democrat friends could tell you all about.   I am so tired of being in the super-conservative, crazy-minded, right-wing armpit of the state.  There is a tea party held outside of my store every weekend!  These people don’t even know what they are angry about.  All they know is that they’re angry and they want everyone else to know that they are angry and hope that others will want to be angry right along with them.

I would think it would be exhausting to be so angry about everything all the time.

On the front page of today’s Naples Daily News there is an article about how the school boards of Lee and Collier county have decided not to show President Obama’s talk to the students in the classrooms.  Now, it was an optional thing, and I’m not terribly upset that they’ve made this decision.  What bothered me was the article.  Everyone that they talked to about this issue was all for banning it from the classrooms.  There weren’t any interviews with parents that may want their kids to hear from the President.  There was no dissenting view.  And I know there are dissenting views out there.  I live in Lee county, I work in Collier county, I’ve taken pride in voting in every election since turning 18 and I am a dissenter, damn it!

God forbid Obama take an interest in our youth!  What gall our president must have to tell our kids not to do drugs, to stay in school, and to have good role-models.  Oh!  The Socialism!  We can’t have our kids exposed to the evilness of it all.  As if Socialism is some sort of disease they can catch from the President on tv. 

Why are there so many stupid, stupid people?



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