Posted May 12th, 2009 by aleximoon

Xapmat and I are going to North Carolina tomorrow for a wedding on a Friday.  I’m not terribly keen on weddings.  You generally spend most of your time vaguely uncomfortable either because of your nicer clothes, the uncomfortable seating, or the rude relatives that you wish had lost the invitation.  Oh, and let’s not forgot the yucky food and obnoxious DJs. 

I went to a wedding once where the DJ hit on the mother of the bride while she was on the dance floor partying down.  He did this with the microphone via the loudspeakers.  I wonder if he got lucky? 

I also went to wedding where we had to stand during the ceremony, raise our hand, and bless the bride’s womb.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe we did a very good job as they are still trying for a baby.  I know my heart wasn’t in it.

I also went to a wedding reception where the Groom’s father stood behind me and shouted, I kid you not, “Git ‘er done Son!”, as the groom smeared cake all over the bride’s face.  (I made it clear to Xapmat that any cake smearing at our wedding would result in severe ass-kicking followed by an annulment.)

So…wee…wedding on Friday.  But it’s in an aquarium.  I love aquariums.  And we’re going to be staying in a town called Kill Devil Hills which is easily one of the best named places ever.  We’re also going to go geocaching. 

And I won’t be at work for SIX days.  Woo-hoo!


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