A Boy. A Girl. And Innumerable Ticks…

Posted May 18th, 2009 by aleximoon

We’re back from our trip to the OBX (that’s the outer banks of North Carolina).  We had a very nice time.  In my last post I alluded to ticks.  Please, allow me to fully explain…

Jim and I went geocaching on Friday before the wedding.  We were having a very nice time being rather successful in our geocaching endeavors. 

We also went to Kitty Hawk National Monument (yay for another stamp in our book!) which was very neat.  Que picture…

Kitty Hawk

Anyhoo…after Kitty Hawk we began geocaching and were having a very successful time at it too.  We go for one that involves us going off of a bike path, through a few inches deep of standing water, and into the woods.  I spot the location of the cache immediately and head over.  I am logging our visit when Jim notices that there are bugs crawling over his feet and biting him.  He assumes that they are ants.  But they aren’t ants.  He plucks one off of his skin to show me now believing them to be spiders.  But they aren’t spiders.  We realize at about the same time that he is crawling with ticks.

I’m not cool with ticks.

We beat a hasty retreat back to the bike path, pausing momentarily when Jim realizes that his geocaching pen is missing but is then quickly found, and he starts knocking ticks off of him.  We go back to the car believing that the crisis has passed.

But as we begin driving, Jim notices the ticks crawling up over his knee!  We rush back to the house where Jim immediately strips and I begin the arduous task of plucking ticks off of his naked body.  I don’t know what to do with the bloody (both literally and figuratively) things so I send them down sink drain along with a healthy dose of water.  We now believe Jim to be tick-free.  I ditch my clothes and I get a quick once-over.  I had been wearing jeans, hiking boots, and thick socks for this adventure while Jim was in sandals and shorts, and I appeared to be free of the buggies. 

Jim takes a shower and I wait outside the bathroom.  After a few minutes, he begins to bang on the wall and shout my name.  I immediately go into the bathroom to find out what is wrong.  Jim has found another tick  on his upper thigh.  I pluck it off and send it the way of the others.  Jim finishes his shower, albeit, a bit twitchier than before. 

I take my shower.  We believe everything is as it should be but…


We run hot water down the drain for about a half hour and that seems to do the trick.  The next day we begin our geocaching with a spray down of our newly purchased bug spray.  This seems to work better as we end the day with each of us only acquiring 3 ticks each.  On our third day, we find only one tick, migrating peacefully across the front of Jim’s shirt.  We are into our fourth day and thus far appear to be tick free. 

Please, wish us luck! 


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